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New 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' trailer is as fierce as its fashion

Get ready for car crashes and culture clashes as 20th Century Fox reveals a new action-packed trailer for the "Kingsman" sequel.

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Warning: Possible spoilers ahead for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle." If you count talking about the trailer as spoilers!

A sharp suit says a lot about a man, and in "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" fans will see both the natty stylings of the British Secret Service agents, and the cowboy hat-wearing spies in the US allied organization called Statesman.

20th Century Fox released a new trailer for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" at San Diego Comic-Con International on Thursday. The film serves as a sequel to "Kingsman: The Secret Service," and is set to hit theaters this fall.

The new adventure, directed by Matthew Vaughn, tests both British and American agents to their limits, but can these secret organizations ultimately work as a team to defeat a common enemy and save the world?

Check out the new trailer to see crazy car chases and fantastic fight scenes complete with whip fight that would impress the likes of Indiana Jones. 

There are even drones delivering a very special kind of bourbon that happens to be key to the film's plot.

For more information about the tech in the film, check out CNET's Roger Cheng's interview with co-screenwriter Jane Goldman.

Taron Egerton is back as the young Kingsman agent Eggsy and Colin Firth as Harry Hart, along with other returning stars. Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges are the Statesman agents. And Julianne Moore is, well, watch the trailer. 

During the lively Comic-Con panel, cast members Berry, Tatum, Bridges, Firth, Egerton and Pedro Pascal joined Goldman and "Kingsman" co-creator Dave Gibbons in a shot of bourbon in honor of the boozy delivery drones featured in the new trailer. 

In fact, Berry didn't just take a shot, she drank a half pint of bourbon after Tatum poured her a very generous amount on stage during their panel, to the delight of the audience. 

"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" opens in theaters on September 22 in the US, Sept. 29 in the UK and Sept. 28 in Australia.

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