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King settles copyright case with 6waves

Game maker 6waves will close down two of its games, Farm Epic and Treasure Epic, and make a payment to King.

King and 6waves
In its lawsuit, King argued that Farm Epic (right) infringed copyrights of its Farm Heroes Sage (left). Court documents

King Digital Entertainment has settled its year-long lawsuit with 6waves, a game maker it accused of infringing copyrights for its Farm Heroes Saga and Pet Rescue Saga puzzle games. 6waves' own titles, Farm Epic and Treasure Epic, will be taken offline and 6waves will pay make a payment to King.

In a statement, King said the details of the payment are confidential, but will represent "a significant amount of their revenues and our legal fees."

"This was a case where another company sought to take advantage of the hard work and creativity of two of our games teams," said Robert Miller, King's legal head. "In such circumstances, we will always look to vigorously enforce our rights."

King, the social gaming company behind Candy Crush Saga, is based in London. 6waves is based in Hong Kong.