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Kindle to go nationwide at Target on June 6

Amazon's Kindle has already been available in select Target stores, but the retail giant announced Wednesday that the e-reader will be making its way to all its stores on June 6.


Target announced in April that it had started selling Amazon's Kindle at select U.S. stores. Less than two months later, the company has said it will start offering the e-reader in all of its stores nationwide starting June 6.

Target, the first brick-and-mortar retailer to carry the Kindle, said the "response to Kindle has been overwhelmingly positive." The device retails for $259, the same price as the Kindle online.

Target's decision to sell the Kindle nationwide comes a couple months after news that Best Buy would carry one of the Kindle's chief competitors, the Barnes & Noble Nook. Barnes & Noble's device, which also goes for $259, just made news when the book retailer announced it was offering a free $50 Barnes and Noble gift card with any Nook eBook Reader purchase at Best Buy and Barnes & Noble outlets.

Although gift cards or price cuts don't seem to be in the Kindle's future, recent reports suggest that Amazon will unveil a slimmer Kindle with better display quality in August. So far, the company hasn't confirmed that such a device will be released.