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Kindle simplifies PC document transfers

Amazon releases a new plug-in called "Send to Kindle" that's supposed to make PC-to-Kindle document transfers easy.

Ever wanted to read personal documents on a Kindle? There's a plug-in for that.

Amazon released "Send to Kindle" today that let's users transfer personal documents from their PC to a Kindle. It seems that the divide between tablets and computers is ever shrinking.

Once downloaded and installed, the way the plug-in works is users can right-click on one or more documents, select print, then choose "Send to Kindle." The document will automatically be converted into a PDF. This plug-in can be used with any application that connects to a printer.

However, with Kindles having only between 2GB and 8GB of available storage, this plug-in isn't really intended for people to transfer their entire PC to their Kindle. So, part of the plug-in's capability is that it lets users archive documents in their Kindle Library, where they can re-download later if needed.


Nearly two years ago, Amazon released software that let Kindle book buyers read from their PCs without having to buy a Kindle reader. Now, as polls show, tablets may eventually replace laptops, it seems a reverse trend is growing.

The "Send to Kindle" plug-in is only available for Windows, but Amazon says support for Macs is coming soon.