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Kindle Paperwhite is $30 off, Kindle Oasis is $50 off

Ahead of Father's Day, Amazon's new waterproof Paperwhite is $100, while the top-end Kindle Oasis is $200. The entry-level Kindle is also on sale.

Nab a Kindle this Father's Day.

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This story is part of Father's Day Gift Guide 2021, featuring our top picks for dads who love tech.

With only a few days to go before Father's Day, Amazon has all its Kindle e-readers on sale. The deal on the new Kindle Paperwhite, released last November, isn't quite as good as it was last month when it was on sale for $90, or $40 off its list price of $130. But it is down to $100, or $30 off its list price.

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Meanwhile, the top-of-line Kindle Oasis, which has a larger 7-inch screen and is discounted less frequently, is on sale for $200, or $50 off its list price. The step-up Oasis with more memory (32GB vs. 8GB), is $230. It is worth noting that the current Oasis has been around for a while and could get an upgrade as early as this year.

Lastly, the new entry-level Kindle, which features an integrated light, is also being discounted: it's $70 ($20 off). That's also a good deal -- and the lowest price we've seen -- but the Paperwhite is probably worth the extra $30.

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If you're shopping for someone who's looking for a dedicated e-reader, the new Paperwhite is the Goldilocks in Amazon's line:

  • It's 10% thinner and lighter than the previous version.
  • It has a "flush-front" design with a back made of a softer, grippy material instead of hard plastic. 
  • It's fully waterproof like the high-end Kindle Oasis and has a plastic screen that Amazon says is shatter- and-scratch-resistant.
  • It has Bluetooth built in, for integration with Amazon's Audible audiobook service.

It was an enthusiastic CNET Editors' Choice at $130. At $100, it's a bargain. (Read the full CNET review.)

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