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Kindle Fire hotter than any Android tablet

CISPA heads to the Senate, Zergs take over Google, and Amazon's Kindle Fire is hotter than any other Android tablet.

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In today's show, Kindle is king, Google's got Zergs and gamers are gabbing:

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Amazon had a stellar start to 2012 with it's Q1 earnings report outshining analyst predictions. And ComScore reports that there are more people using Kindle Fire tablets than any other Android tablet. (The Galaxy Tab family of tablets come in second.)

The controversial CISPA bill has been approved by the House and will now head to the Senate.

Do a Google search for Zerg Rush and see what happens.

The Brydge turns your iPad into a laptop/tablet hybrid.

Gamers can nowSkype on the PlayStation Vita. It runs in the background, and alerts you during a game when there's an incoming call.

And looking ahead, there's lots of smartphone news coming next week. BlackBerry World begins Tuesday, and expect to hear more about the Blackberry 10 operating system. Wireless trade show CTIA also takes place next week. And we'll be hearing more about the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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