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Kindle Fire adds password-protection for purchases, more

With software update version 6.3.1, Amazon gives parents more control over what their kids can see -- and purchase -- on the Kindle Fire.

The latest Kindle Fire software update is focused on parental controls.

Amazon released a small software update for the Kindle Fire, but it does have something a lot of people have been demanding: the ability to enable password-protection for purchases, a feature the iPad has always offered.

On top of that, the update has additional parental controls, including the ability to disable access to specific content libraries and block access to the Silk Web browser.

You can manually update you Fire's software by following the instructions on this page or wait for your Kindle to automatically update itself in the next few days when you log onto a Wi-Fi network.

Amazon has also highlighted these recent updates to the Kindle Fire.

A list of recent Kindle Fire updates (click to enlarge). Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET