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Kindle DX reviewed: Is bigger better?

The pricey Kindle DX offers improvements over the Kindle 2, but its larger chassis has its pluses and minuses.

Like the iPhone, the Kindle DX will automatically rotate the screen from portrait to landscape mode when you flip the unit on its side. CNET

You now have a choice between two different Kindle models, and the big question is whether you should spend the extra dough on the larger DX or opt for a Kindle 2. In our humble assessment, the majority of buyers will--and probably should--favor the smaller device, the Kindle 2. Why? Well, we have some concerns over the DX being more of a two-handed e-reader; yes, you can hold it in one hand for a short time, but you really need to keep both hands on the device to support its weight for a while. Meanwhile, the Kindle 2 is easier to hold for longer periods of time with just one hand.

The other factor to consider is that when it comes to periodical reading (newspapers and magazines), the advantage of having more text and images on the screen is a nice perk, but the reading experience isn't enhanced as much as you might think.

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