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Kindle 2 doesn't ship with protective cover, memory expansion slot

Carefully read the specs of the Kindle 2 and you'll notice that a couple of items are missing from what came with the original Kindle.

The Kindle case sells separately for $30.

OK, I have to admit I initially missed these small--but potentially serious--omissions from the Amazon Kindle 2. But I just read the fine print in the specs and the new model doesn't ship with a protective cover or the memory expansion slot found on the original Kindle.

Many Kindle owners have complained about how mediocre the cover that shipped with the original Kindle was, but I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed to learn that the device arrive completely naked this go around. And while 2GB is ample for books and other digital print matter, if you want to use the Kindle 2 as an MP3 player, 2 gigs is a bit skimpy.

As we all know now, the price for the new Kindle is the same as the old one ($359). But when you tack on $30 for the case, the price goes up to $389. Sure, some third-party covers may come in at $15 to $20, but the good ones usually cost $30 or more--and the fancy real leather stuff comes in at more than $50.

Anybody else think this is a bummer?