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Kin memorial site bites the dust

The site was run on top of an online tribute site and it turns out the bereaved weren't too happy to see a gadget memorialized like their loved ones.

The original KinRIP site, seen here, was built on online memorial platform
The original KinRIP site, seen here, was built on top of online memorial platform However, it was taken down after complaints from other customers. Screenshot by CNET

It turns out that a memorial site for Microsoft's short-lived Kin turned out to have an even shorter life than the device to which it paid tribute.

The site,, was built on top of the platform, which allows people to create an online tribute to departed loved ones. Well, apparently a significant number of the bereaved were none too pleased to see a gadget memorialized in the same way as their departed loved ones.'s Oleg Andelman said that he got more than 60 complaints after the Kin memorial site went up last week.

"Some were particularly touching," Andelman said in an e-mail. "One was from a father who...had a memorial created for his young daughter. He was pleading for me to take action. Another one was from the family of U.S. marine, recently killed in Afghanistan."

Andelman said that, although the Kin memorial was generating publicity for his site, he decided that the service's current user base's concerns would win the day and he took down the Kin tribute on Monday.

"Publicity aside, it obviously undermined true intention of ForeverMissed," he said. "It offended my loyal customers--I chose to stay on their side."

The creator of the Kin memorial site took things in stride.

"In the end, the Kin memorial had a similar lifespan to the Kin phone--a very brief one," Shmuel Tennenhaus said in an e-mail.

For now, Tennenhaus has a placeholder Wordpress site at the domain.

The site, which once featured a host of tributes to the short-lived Microsoft phone, now just has a short message thanking visitors for checking out the site. "Our memorial is currently looking for a new home," the message says. "Please be patient as we look for one."

Meanwhile Tennenhaus has moved on to his next venture--a Free Lindsay Lohan Web site.