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Kimmel prank tricks Apple fans into thinking they have a new iPhone 7

Eagerness to get their hands on a new iPhone leads Apple owners down an entertaining path of deceit.

I can't be too critical of the Apple fans who fell for a "Jimmy Kimmel Live" prank that involved borrowing iPhones, cleaning the screens, changing the cases and handing the devices back as a new iPhone 7. After all, who could blame people for wanting to believe they're getting an advance sneak peek look at the brand new iPhone?

Kimmel representatives set up on a sidewalk with a table and camera crew and told passersby they had prototype iPhone 7 models for them to try out. The pranksters spun a fabrication about how the new phones could instantly transfer data and settings over from old iPhones. One eager Apple fan even offered to share her security code to help the process.

The Apple fans remarked that the "new" phone felt thinner, lighter, smoother, faster, crisper, clearer and brighter. This is essentially the technology equivalent of adding red food coloring to white wine and asking people to describe the taste. Throw in the cameras and it's obvious the people who fell for the prank really wanted to be helpful and offer up some praise.

The gullibility on display is not an indictment of Apple fans, but rather a teasing look at simple human nature. The show aired the clip on television on Thursday and posted it to YouTube on Friday.