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Kim Dotcom

One of the most visible Internet personalities around, alleged digital pirate Kim DotCom manages to remain out of reach of U.S. law enforcement. He's recently taken to social media to argue his innocence and mock the charges against him to the huge following he's amassed.

Kim DotCom and Greg Sandoval/CNET

Kim DotCom is one of the most visible Internet personalities, yet he remains out of reach of U.S. law enforcement. DotCom generated more than $175 million from MegaUpload, the cloud-storage service he founded and a company accused by the U.S. Department of Justice of being an illegal enterprise. The DOJ alleges DotCom and six others encouraged millions from across the globe to pirate movies, TV shows, and other media and then store their booty in MegaUpload's digital lockers.

In January, the United States began trying to extradite him from his home in New Zealand. Since then, DotCom's lawyers have mounted a vigorous legal defense. Just this week, the New Zealand police agency that spied on DotCom prior to his arrest was ordered to turn over records to him. Meanwhile, DotCom remains free on bail and he's sure to continue taking to social media to maintain his innocence, rebuke the DOJ, and poke fun at the case against him. As of early December, DotCom had amassed more than 162,000 followers.

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