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Killzone 4 announced for PS4

Five games have been officially announced for the PlayStation 4, including the fourth game in the Killzone series, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Five games have been officially announced for the PlayStation 4, including the fourth game in the Killzone series, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

At its PlayStation conference this morning, Sony announced five titles coming for the PlayStation 4.

In Guerilla Games' fourth title in its Killzone series, Killzone: Shadow Fall, the Helghasts have the upper hand in the war against the ISA and have perpetrated mass planetary destruction. Herman Holtz of Guerilla said the game was more akin to Cold War era Berlin than WWII, as the previous games were based on.

The trailer started with a peaceful scene as you arrive in Vekta City, which rapidly turned to screams as the Helghasts launched a sudden aerial attack. Lots of explosions and first-person massacre, if that's your thing.

UK studio Evolution Studios announced hyper-realistic racing game Driveclub, a team-based racer Evolution's spokesman claimed was like a squadron-based first-person shooter ... but for driving. He went into great detail about how realistic the game is to be, talking about how the studio's developers visited car manufacturers so the cars could be "modelled to each microscopic flake of paint".

Other features of the game include a realistic experience of getting into the car, including opening the door, putting on your seatbelt and firing up a 1200 horse power engine.

Sucker Punch announced the next game in its Infamous series, the PS4-exclusive Second Son — a game that asks the question, "What if V for Vendetta and 1984 had had superheroes?"

Finally, Jonathan Blow, creator of critically acclaimed Braid, announced his second game, a title that's been in development for at least three year: The Witness. It's an open world title, but rather than focusing on a large sandbox, everything is very compact and contained, with everything placed for a reason. At any point in the game, Blow said, you can go to three or four different locations, each with different themes.

Blow claimed over 25 hours of puzzle-based gameplay set in a world that looks absolutely stunning. The game will be a PlayStation exclusive for the launch window.

Also announced and shown for the first time was Knack, directed by PlayStation architect Mark Cerny for Japan Studios. It stars a tiny robot that can expand his body using artefacts from the world around them — then explode them outwards to take down foes. It looks an impressive use of the console's new graphics technology.

It was not mentioned whether Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub or Infamous: Second Son will be available at launch.