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Kids solve world's problems at biggest White House Science Fair yet

The final science fair of the Obama administration features more young scientists than ever, tackling challenges like powering Ethiopia and better security for mobile devices.

More than 140 young scientists from 30 US states got to tout their research Wednesday into everything from cancer to building the city of the future. And what a platform they had: President Obama's final science fair, an annual White House celebration of young people pursuing science that began in 2010.

Check out a full list of the projects. Just a few of the highlights include a 15-year-old developing a source of reliable ocean-based energy for her pen-pal in Ethiopia; New York teens building a robot to clean up the city's subways; and a new method of unlocking a cell phone depending on how it's lifted off a table. Another definite highlight: this dapper kid's bow tie.

You can watch President Obama's tour of the projects here -- it's cool to see how much both the president and the students seem to be having such a great time. But if you really want to be able to hear from the students about their projects, the above video shot earlier in the day on the White House lawn is super inspiring.

After watching it, you might find yourself wanting to follow in the footsteps of two young sisters from Seattle who launched their Lego figurine into the stratosphere using a helium balloon and a homemade "spacecraft." Just make sure not to try replicating that particular experiment with any living creatures.