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Kids' playhouse made from recycled potato peels, veggie oil

The Biobased Kidshouse in the Netherlands is made entirely of natural materials like hemp and coconut husks, completely skipping over the whole fossil fuels issue.

Biobased Kidshouse
The inside of the house smells like rice from the reuse of rice hulls. BE-Basic

More and more these days, we're picking up drink bottles and plastic utensils crafted from corn rather than regular plastic. So, how about products made from agricultural waste and food scraps? Glad you asked. The Biobased Kidshouse from Dutch consortium BE-Basic is made entirely from natural materials such as agri-waste, tree bark, and potato peels.

The panels are made from compressed straw. The roof is waterproofed with vegetable oils. The electric sockets are where the potato peel bioplastic comes in.

These types of construction materials also mean the Kidshouse is recyclable for when the little ones outgrow playing in it and prefer to spend all their time indoors with video games.

The Kidshouse was created for the Floriade World Horticultural Expo in the Netherlands. It's more of a concept piece than a structure ready for mass production, but it's an interesting peek at the possibilities for bioplastics and recycled building materials.

Biobased Kidshouse
The Kidshouse concept is viewable at Floriade 2012. The Dutch consortium behind it, BE-Basic, was coordinated by Delft University of Technology. BE-Basic