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Kid's iPhone stand solution: Lots of Legos

When his dad wasn't finding the right stand for his 3G iPhone, 8-year-old Patrick Sheehan stepped in to help design a colorful solution.

Lego iPhone stand
A side view of the DIY iPhone stand. The name Diana doesn't have special meaning; it just happened to be written on a piece of Lego found in one of Patrick's sets. Stephen Sheehan

Apple might want to keep an eye on 8-year-old Patrick Sheehan. When dad Stephen wasn't finding the right stand for his 3G iPhone, Patrick stepped in to help design a colorful and creative solution--made of Legos.

The father-son pair from Halifax, Nova Scotia, conceived of the Lego iPhone stand several weeks ago, and Patrick brought it to life over the weekend, assembling about 40 Lego pieces of various sizes and colors in less than two hours. "He has a lot of projects and homework in Grade 3, so we had to put it off for a while," his dad said of the slight production delay. Dad helped Patrick create space for the phone cord so it could run underneath the base without disrupting the balance. Other than that, it is purely a Patrick Sheehan original.

Between this contraption and the pencil iPhone stand we showed you Monday, we're eager to see what our imaginative readers will come up with next.

Patrick Sheehan with Lego iPhone stand
The young creator displays his stand, which used about 40 Legos of various sizes and colors. Stephen Sheehan