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Kid's cell calls police while he allegedly boasts of burglaries

An Arizona teen allegedly brags to his buddies about burglaries he's carried out. For some unfathomable reason, his cell phone spontaneously calls the police, who listen in to the whole conversation.

There are those who believe machines have minds of their own.

In which case, the cell phone belonging to a 16-year-old from Peoria, Ariz., is of a mind to uphold truth, justice and to make 16-year-old thieves look really, really stupid.

The unnamed teen was allegedly hanging with his buds and regaling them with what seems to be the story of how he had ripped a stereo from a car and stolen a Cricket phone.

While his friends were apparently unimpressed with the Cricket (they're rather more moved by BlackBerrys), I am stunned to discover that people these days bother to rip stereos out of cars. Somehow that seems so 1987.

Still, in the pulsating moments that the kid was boasting of his crimes, his cell phone decided to call 911.

I know that sentence sounds a little like a scene from the CW's quite rivet-free "Supernatural." And no one is quite sure how the phone suddenly spurted into action.

"Dear Kid, You steal that Corolla and I'm calling the cops." CC Wandering One/Flickr

Perhaps the vibrations from the nether regions of the teen, engendered by his excited pride at pulling off the Peoria Job, activated a one-touch button to 911 on the cell phone in his pocket.

But imagine the amusement of the guardians of the law as they enjoyed the feast of felony being described.

You can listen to the call here, courtesy of the Phoenix New Times.

You may enjoy his words when speaking of lifting the stereo: "It took all my energy to lift it out of the car."

Perhaps it took all his gray matter too.

The police kept listening in for quite a while, performed a little signal triangulation and, according to a police spokesperson, actually caught the stereo-stealer with the machine still in his hands.

He was charged with felony vehicle burglary.

It is rumored that the cell phone has been nominated for a police commendation.