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Kickstarter spotlight: Taposé

Delving into Kickstarter in a search to find valuable projects, we've come across a fantastic iPad app concept called Taposé.

An artist's concept of the Taposé app. (Credit:

Were you heartbroken when Microsoft scrapped the Courier tablet? A computing metaphor based on scrapbooking and journal keeping, the Courier was supposed to deliver the ultimate portable productivity tool before it ended up in the scrapheap.

Benjamin Monning and his development partner Ricky loved the Courier concept so much that they plan to develop an iPad app to replicate the functionality in their upcoming project, Taposé. The team is promising an app with split-screen functionality, drag and drop sharing between the different databases of information on your iPad and best of all: pages that turn like a real book.

Everyone who pledges US$10 to the project will receive a copy of Taposé when it is completed, and anyone who forks out US$1500 towards the goal will get an engraved iPad 2, with the engraving reading "Taposé Backer". For more info about what Taposé will be exactly, check out the team's project page here. is a crowd-sourced funding scheme for independent projects. The website is full of awesome ideas just waiting to be put into production, including art projects, feature films, music and theatre and technology. Kickstarter spotlight is designed to help you discover fantastic projects to sponsor, but is in no way affiliated with the artists or Kickstarter.