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Kickstarter spotlight: iShuttr

Delving into Kickstarter in a search to find valuable projects, here's a neat way to turn your iPhone 4 into an (almost) fully functional point-and-shoot camera.

There's a time when every photographer has to admit carrying around a smartphone is a lot more convenient than lugging a camera. After all, hordes of iPhoneographers can't be wrong, can they?

An example of the iShuttr case. (Credit:

Robert Haleluk wanted an easy way to transform the iPhone 4's ergonomics into something much more like shooting with a compact camera. The result is iShuttr, a case that fits around the iPhone 4 and adds a shutter button, grip, tripod mount and most importantly, a more powerful (proper) flash.

Pledges begin at US$10 for a launch pack; those who donate US$50 or more get to buy the iShuttr at a discounted rate. The extra special prize comes at US$250 or more, which gets you a personalised case in anodised black, red or aluminium, a full-sized tripod and a regular iShuttr case. For more information on iShuttr you can check out the project page here. is a crowdsourced funding scheme for independent projects. The website is full of awesome ideas just waiting to be put into production, including art projects, feature films, music, theatre and technology. Kickstarter spotlight is designed to help you discover fantastic projects to sponsor, but is in no way affiliated with the artists or Kickstarter.