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Kickfollower tracks the second life of successful Kickstarter projects

What happens after funding is successful? Track down Kickstarter projects that are making a go of it in the real world through Kickfollower.

Kickfollower screen shot
Get a kick out of Kickfollower. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Sometimes we kick ourselves for missing out on a good Kickstarter. There's that moment of sorrow when we see something awesome is already funded and done without us. Then we eventually forget about it.

Kickfollower is a combination of a gentle reminder and a discovery tool for crowdfunded projects. It aggregates successful projects that are now reality and available for purchase from online stores.

It's a trip down Kickstarter memory lane. Oh look, candles made from pure beeswax that look like vintage objects! Coffee Joulies, I remember you! Kickfollower is still building out its list of merchandise, so expect it to expand.

One of its more intriguing features is the inclusion of the original Kickstarter pledge price along with the actual selling price. For example, the Wonder Threads cloth electronic sleeves went for $35 on Kickstarter, but now sell for $40. Some items end up retailing for less than the original pledge, some for about the same, and some for considerably more.

With the issue of failed Kickstarter projects raising its ugly head, it's heartening to know some of these Kickstarters go on to lead healthy sales lives after all the romance and excitement of funding is over.