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KickApps raises $14 million for expansion

KickApps raised $14 million in Series C funding for expansion and product development.

KickApps, a company that offers on-demand social networking and widget platforms, announced Tuesday that it raised $14 million in Series C funding. The round was led by North Atlantic Capital, Softbank, Spark Capital, and Prism Ventures.

The funding will be used for expansion into new markets, as well as product development, which the company believes, will help it spur growth in the market.

"KickApps is aggressively extending the scope of services we provide online publishers in a number of important ways," said Alex Blum, KickApps CEO in a statement. "As a next generation website operating system, our mission is to transform a number of traditional services -- video players, editorial presentation, advertising, analytics, marketing, customer relationships -- into highly interactive experiences that are contextually informed by live, actionable data."

KickApps currently powers social services on over 48,000 websites, including Guinness World Records and a New York Knicks Webpage. The company also powered John McCain's social network, McCainSpace, during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

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