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Kick it 1985-style with cassette-to-iPhone converter

Ion's Tape Dock lets you digitize your cassettes just by sliding in your iPhone or iPod. Break out those old mix tapes and parachute pants, and party.


I love old analog media. I'm holding in my hot little paws a stereo 8-track of a 1973 recording by Hiroshi Itsuki, a Japanese enka singer. It's several times larger than my iPod Touch but contains only 12 songs.

Sadly, this fabu converter from Ion doesn't take anything that ancient, but it will magically change your dusty old cassettes into MP3 files for your iPod or iPhone.

The Tape Dock is similar to Ion's Tape 2 Go but can house an iPod or iPhone on one side and a cassette on the other.

If you prefer to rock it retro style, you can simply use the cassette deck as a tape player and actually push buttons to "rewind" songs to listen to them again. How quaint.

It works with the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter app and software so it's compatible with Windows, iOS, and OS X. It also has headphone and audio out jacks.

The Tape Dock hasn't been released yet, and Ion didn't immediately respond to queries about when it will come out, but B&H Photo is offering it for $69.99.

All you have to do is find your old '80s mix tapes.