Kia offers 5 hours of Adriana Lima for Super Bowl

How many people will prefer watching 5 hours of model Adriana Lima on YouTube moving very, very slowly to the New York Giants defense moving very, very quickly? Or might people do both?

They say this year's Super Bowl will be the most socially networked--the most Twitterized, Facebooked, and Tumblred.

Kia is trying to understand this--and you--as best it can to acknowledge this vast new movement.

So it has uploaded a video of Adriana Lima to YouTube. You know Lima. She is the lady married to former NBA player Marko Jaric.

Well, perhaps that's not what she is most famous for. But it's as well to give the NBA a mention on Super Bowl Sunday.

Kia claims it is doing this because you asked for it. Indeed, on YouTube, the company declares: "It's hard to get enough of Adriana. But, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, we're able to bring you five hours of the finest flag-waving the world has ever seen. [You asked, and we listened. Now available in full HD 1080p]."

So there you have it. You might wonder what Lima does for these five hours. She moves very, very slowly.

I feel sure there will be more than one person with his or her eye on this video while the game is on. Just to see how it ends, you understand.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET
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