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KFC paints epic portrait of man who spotted its Twitter stunt

One Twitter user got clucky -- the fast food chain sent him a painting showing him getting a piggyback ride from Colonel Sanders.

You can't say KFC is too chicken to follow through on a weird stunt.

South Dakota man Mike Edgette recently discovered a hidden Easter egg in the fast food chicken chain's Twitter account. The only accounts followed by KFC were the five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb, adding up to the chain's famed 11 herbs and spices.

Edgette stumbled upon the corporate joke Oct. 19, just a month after the company began following the accounts.

As a reward, KFC sent him a painting of a man, apparently Edgette, riding on KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders' back, waving a piece of chicken, with a background of purple mountains' majesty.

"There was no explanation as to why I'm piggybacking the Colonel," Edgette told the Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based Argus Leader newspaper.

He also received a humorous letter and 52 $5 gift cards.

"This is a painting I painted with paint," the wacky letter reads in part. "It's a long-awaited payoff for those years of art classes I took from Lisa in Accounting's weird aunt." (Of course the Colonel actually died in 1980, but that's far from the strangest part of this story, so just go with it.)

But as the Argus Leader points out, another Twitter user, @laurelbartlettt, posted about the KFC herbs and spices follows a few days before Edgette.

Seems like, to be fair, the Colonel may need to get out his easel one more time. Come on, KFC -- don't chicken out.