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KFC Memories Bucket prints up greasy memories (Tomorrow Daily 219)

Khail and Ashley check out a new super-fiber that could be used in flexible tech, try to understand KFC's photo-printing fried-chicken bucket and explain why an AR sandbox could help future geologists.

You're probably dying for some entertainment to help you through today, especially if you spent the weekend having a great time and are now slowly lumbering through the first day of your work week. If that sounds like you, you're in luck, because we have some fun stories for you.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas have created a kind of "super fiber" that can stretch to 14 times its original length without losing any resistance. Even better, it's not terribly expensive to create, so it's a potential candidate for rapid prototyping and use in all kinds of products in the near future. It's fascinating to see what we might be using in artificial muscles, flexible electronics, and more via this highly durable material.

KFC is celebrating 60 years of fried chicken goodness in Canada, and to celebrate, it has released a teaser video showing off the Memories Bucket. After you're done documenting your latest KFC outing with your closest chicken-loving friends, the Memories Bucket utilizes Bluetooth to wirelessly print Polaroid-esque photos from your smartphone. We know. It's weird.

Last, we're taking a look at a collaboration between UC Davis and UCLA. They created an augmented reality sandbox with topography features, allowing students to manipulate land in the sandbox and watch what happens when elements like heavy rainfall hits different elevations. It's a great way to visualize topographical features, and understand natural happenings like erosion, particularly if you're a budding geologist.

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219: KFC Memories Bucket prints up greasy memories

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