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New Zealanders are clucking over KFC chicken-scented candles

Forget mass production, these candles were handmade by the company's digital marketing manager.

Chickens have always been the butt of jokes, but we'll cross that road when we come to it. This week, KFC in New Zealand offered up fried-chicken-scented candles as prizes on its social media accounts, and entrants couldn't wing their way to enter fast enough.

The candles are very limited-edition, being invented and handmade by KFC digital marketing manager Enna Ye.

"I had hand-made candles in the past -- so thought I would experiment with a few different ingredients to see if I could replicate the much-loved smell of KFC," Ye said. And yes, the candle concoction she came up with smells like KFC's chicken -- and it smells the strongest when it's just been blown out, the company noted in a statement.

"The response to the candle has been overwhelming. We've already been approached by people willing to pay over NZ$100 ($70 US, £55, AU$95) for a KFC Candle," said KFC marketing director Clark Wilson. "We've got no intention to commercially produce the candles, but given their popularity, Enna may have to go into full time production," says Wilson.

KFC gave away three candles already, one via each of their three social-media accounts, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, fans were asked to suggest a KFC tie-in product. Shiz Irani won for suggesting "KFC stamps... cause the Colonel always delivers."

If chicken-scented candles don't make your mouth water, KFC New Zealand is giving away other products -- follow their hashtag #kfcadventcalendar on your favorite social-media platform. Their December 22 giveaway will include another candle. Sadly, only New Zealanders can enter.