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Chicken crazily replaces pizza crust in KFC's new Chizza

Why did the junk-food junkie cross the road? To book a one-way flight to Tokyo.

KFC has just doubled down on the Double Down. You remember the Double Down -- the KFC sandwich that puts bacon and cheese in between two pieces of fried chicken instead of two pieces of bread? KFC Japan has gone that silly snack one further by creating the Chizza.

Chizza, as you might guess from the name, combines "chicken" and "pizza," with the chicken replacing the pizza crust. The chicken is topped with pizza sauce, cheese and assorted toppings, including pineapple, pepperoni and green peppers.

Chizza, spotted on Rocket News 24, won't be available until November 1, but KFC Japan has already set up a clock counting down the seconds, and fans are already tweeting about it.

While the item is new to Japan, it made its debut in the Philippines last summer, and the food blogger dubbed The Pickiest Eater in the World tried it out.

"It actually does succeed in capturing the taste of the pizza, effectively confusing my taste buds," he wrote.