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Keyboard Shortcuts Galore!

225 Tips, tricks, and hidden features of the Palm Pre device. I would like to thank and give all credit for the list compilation to milominderbinde from

Keyboard shortcuts make a huge difference in time it takes you to navigate the internet and other files on your computer. So why not have them on a Palm Pre? Thanks to milominderbinde from who made possible. He has compiled a huge list of the many shortcuts and special features that the Pre does have to offer. I have reviewed and went through the vast majority of these and have found them to all work thus far. To me these aren't just occasional use items but more than less everyday helpers that save lots of time when navigating your device.

New Highlights: * Now with over 225 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features in six pages * How to send a text to multiple recipients * Missing Basic Features * Protecting your Pre * How to see what software releases you have, memory available, real signal strength in dbm, etc. * How to cut out a section of an mp3 to make the perfect ringtone. There are literally hundreds of threads on the PreCentral Forums with tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Palm Pre. But how do you sort through it all? Bookmark this thread in your Pre for a constantly updated listing. Download the PDF file below for graphics, links and diagrams on your PC. Some Highlights from the attached Palm Pre Tips and Trick PDF Version 1.0: * 101 Tips & Tricks are summarized in this first draft. * The Tips & Tricks are sorted into categories so that they are easier to find. * Many are from the 344-page user guide that is not included with the Pre. * Graphics are included to show which buttons to use. * The Palm diagrams are included to show where everything is.

I found the keyboard hack where it proves that an onscreen keyboard wrote is very interesting and very useful if ever figured out. The keyboard looks as if it was made for a later model of WebOs that possibly would be sporting a larger screen by the display characteristics. The other useful tips I love are the typing tips, these do make life on the pre much easier and friendlier which is always welcome. I cannot stress enough how EXCELLENT this list is and how every Pre user should take a gander or even print it off. If you have and further questions it would be best to check the thread below for the tips. For this huge list which includes these new features please visit this link below :)
or you can download the pdf file here:
Download Here