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Keyboard can work in silence with two PCs

It has a switch to toggle back and forth.


Thanko is one outfit we'll never be able to figure out. Just after releasing its latest example of inanity, a vacuuming mouse, it comes out with a product that might actually be practical.

The new version of the Japanese company's self-described "Silent Keyboard" allows you to pound away in the middle of the night without waking the neighbors or, if you work the night shift, your co-workers in the next cubicle. There are others that make the same claim, but Akihabara News says this one can be used with two PCs, alternating from one to the next with a toggle just above the arrow keys.

It would be more convenient, of course, if the keyboard would work on both screens without having to flip a switch, but one can't be too picky for $51. Besides, it could be worse: They could have given it a snow-globe motif.