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Key Lime Pie and Nexus absent from Google I/O, exec hints

In an interview, Android chief Sundar Pichai has said there won't be a new operating system on show this week.

The next version of Android could be entirely absent from Google's upcoming I/O conference, the man in charge of the robot-powered operating system has hinted, also suggesting that we won't see any new Nexus hardware.

Google has traditionally used its annual developer bash -- which kicks off in the US on Wednesday -- to showcase its most exciting new hardware and software, dangling enticing new apps and gadgets in front of our eager faces like a SeaWorld trainer gripping a kipper.

Hopes of seeing Android Key Lime Pie or a follow-up to the Nexus 7 before the week's end could now be dashed, however. In an interview with Wired, recently appointed Android boss Sundar Pichai is quoted as saying, "It's not a time when we have much in the way of launches of new products or a new operating system."

That sounds like we won't get to see a new tablet, or a significant step forward for Android. Pichai reportedly continued, "Both on Android and Chrome, we're going to focus this I/O on all of the kinds of things we're doing for developers, so that they can write better things.

"We will show," Pichai said, "how Google services are doing amazing things on top of these two platforms."

Sounds boring, I'm sure you'll agree -- but Google could have a few surprises up its big magical sleeves, not least a rumoured gaming service to tackle Apple's Game Center. So, er, that's something.

Google may not reveal a new version of Android this week, but that hasn't stopped us from speculating as to what the next major update will feature. Check the video below for our most-wanted new apps and features, and let me know what you're hoping to see in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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