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Kevin Rose to make Digging easier

Kevin Rose to make Digging easier

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, is speaking at the Future of Web Apps conference. He's just given an interesting history of Digg (and to that, let me just say that if Kevin built Digg with a $10-an-hour Elance programmer, there is way too much venture capital money in the Web right now). Kevin told the audience about a new feature, the "My #1" flag, that users can apply to their stories. It lets them more easily track other users' clicks on their entries.

In answering a question from the audience, Kevin revealed that Digg is going to release its own "Digg This" code that bloggers and Web site publishers will be able to put on their stories. It will do smart things, such as check if the story is already Dugg. There are a lot of sites with their own Digg This buttons, including CNET, but across the Web these buttons work differently. This will be a big help.