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Kevin Rose raccoon-tossing meme taking flight

The brief clip of the Digg founder tossing a raccoon down a flight of stairs has received millions of views -- and the amusing-GIF treatment.

After 5 minutes of this, he's only cleared half the raccoons on my block. imgur

Over the weekend, Digg founder Kevin Rose was spotted picking up a wild animal and then quickly turning and tossing it down a dark flight of stairs to land where no one knows.

But enough about Rose's new gig as a venture capitalist (ha!), let's check in on the meme centered around his launching of an aggressive raccoon that was attacking his dog at the top of the wrong flight of stairs.

In case you missed it, Rose posted video footage from his home security cameras of himself pulling the offending raccoon off of his poodle and launching it with major papa grizzly authority. With the animal separated from his pet, Rose then can be seen in the video heading down the stairs to check on the raccoon, but as he would later explain on This Week in Tech, it was nowhere to be found.

The 45-second clip was posted on Saturday and has quickly racked up more than 2.7 million views. The corresponding thread on Reddit runs thousands of comments deep. Plenty of related puns, one-liners, and at least one unfair rip on VCs have been spotted in the intervening hours as well.

The omnipresence of high-res security cameras at the Rose home, the Digg founder's quarterback-like toss, and the above GIF have all clearly played a role in the video going viral. And with the help of Reddit, it has helped to resurrect this classic GIF from the annals of comic raccoon abuse (post Looney Tunes era), which is also beginning to circulate again since the Rose vs. Raccoon confrontation.

It should go without saying that no one involved, nor myself, is condoning abusive treatment of animals. Still, I'm hoping somebody takes up a challenge I spotted on Reddit to mash up Rose's video with this excellent music video from the Lonely Island: