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Keurig discontinues Kold soda machine, lays off 130 workers

The Keurig Kold soda maker is officially killed, along with the jobs of 130 workers.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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It's no surprise that the outrageously overpriced $370 Keurig Kold machine didn't receive a warm welcome from prospective shoppers, but appliance maker Keurig Green Mountain Inc. apparently sealed the product's fate today. The company reportedly has officially discontinued the home soda device and will also offer full refunds to Kold machine owners.

The Keurig Kold debuted last fall and was designed to create carbonated and chilled drinks using plastic pods in a similar fashion to the company's popular single-serve coffee machines. Unfortunately, Keurig Kold was shockingly expensive, both for the appliance and its pod supply, working out to about three times the cost per drink compared to soft drinks sold in supermarkets.

Additionally Keurig plans to eliminate 130 factory workers, most of which are in some way connected to manufacturing Kold pods or helping to support the product in the field.