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Ketchup at the OK Corral

Need to liven up dinner? Whip out your Condiment Gun and shoot some sauce at it.

The Condiment Gun Firebox

I don't know how many times my mother told me not to play with my food. It never really took, though. And now that I'm an adult, I can play with my food just as much as I want.

I'm starting with the Condiment Gun from Firebox. You can load up this little pistol with whatever condiment you like--it comes with two cartridges, so you can easily switch--but I have to admit that I'm fond of plain, old ketchup. It's pretty easy to load, too. Pour whatever sauce you plan to shoot dinner with into the condiment cartridge and put the cartridge in the gun. You're ready to squeeze the trigger.

It takes about 20 squirts to empty a cartridge, although each squirt releases a fairly small amount of sauce. With the Condiment Gun, you don't need to worry about entirely drowning your hot dogs in ketchup, which has happened to me more than once using the "hit-the-bottle-on-the-bottom" method.

While I like the Condiment Gun myself, I think it's also an ideal gift for families with small children or grilling fanatics. But, it should probably come with a label warning that the Condiment Gun is best used outdoors, because you know that sooner or later you're going to get the urge to shoot something besides your dinner.