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Kepler-452b is a potential 'Earth 2.0' with exciting possibilities (Tomorrow Daily 214)

Ashley and Khail discuss whether or not they'd move to Kepler-452b, NASA's newest planetary discovery and how one of the biggest pro eSports leagues is taking steps to stop performance-enhancing drug use among players.

We're only discussing two stories today, because they're both pretty huge in their respective fields.

First up, the massive news from NASA: they found a planet that pings the trifecta of potential life markers! It's in the habitable zone, it's close to Earth's size, and it's orbiting a star not unlike our own yellow sun. It's also got about a billion-year head start on our planet's evolution, so there's definitely some exciting possibilities surrounding it. Unfortunately, it's a bit far for exploration (about 1,400 light years!), so expect information and studies to be done slowly.

Meanwhile, eSports is going through some serious growing pains as it ascends to massive heights in the gaming community, particularly after one player admitted to using performance-enhancing prescription drugs alongside other players during competitive matches. The Electronic Sports League is taking action, though, and beginning to draw up plans for player drug tests, support networks for athletes as they navigate the waters of professional gaming, and potential penalties if a player is found in violation of their new policies.

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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214: Kepler-452b is a potential 'Earth 2.0' with exciting possibilities

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