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Kenwood rates your performance

Kenwood rates your performance

Feature upgrades in car stereos tend to involve different kinds of media playback, from CDs and DVDs to MP3 and WMA, but Kenwood takes an unexpected twist by building a performance analyzer into its KDC-MP832U head unit. The performance analyzer displays cornering g-force, acceleration, and even horsepower. We've used stand-alone performance analyzers before and found them to be pretty accurate. The inclusion of a performance analyzer in a car stereo head unit makes interesting information for sports car drivers accessible at any time. Kenwood incorporates performance analyzers in some of its other head units as well.

The KDC-MP832U plays MP3s, WMAs, and AACs from CD-R/RWs, of course, but goes a step further by offering a USB port. The unit can use USB thumbdrives as a music source, offering full navigation of files by artist, album, song, and genre. Its voice-indexing feature can audibly announce any ID3 tag information, letting drivers keep their eyes on the road when browsing through music.