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Kenwood HD30: From food mixers to music mixers

You might know it as the happy-go-lucky East End mockney bumpkin that makes kettles and irons, but Kenwood also makes MP3 players. Or does it?

Kenwood making MP3 players? What's next, Halliburton making babygrows? The world's gone mad, and not the good mad where you invent a time machine, but the nasty mad where you sandpaper the face off a Care Bear. 

Perhaps you young cognoscenti will know that Kenwood has actually made several MP3 players, as well as a range of car audio systems. The market is not as alien to the mockney kettle-makers as you might assume. (We jest, of course -- it's a completely different company. Ahem.)

The Kenwood HD30 Supreme EX(pictured) is a re-release of the original HD30, but with several welcome tweaks including the eponymous "Supreme EX" feature. This enhances sound quality at the cost of a slightly lower battery life (this can be turned on or off at will).

The player includes support for MP3, 32-320Kbps lossless WMA and WAV. It's early days for the player -- as you can see the interface uses odd hieroglyphs in place of human language -- but, as with other Kenwood players, expect a limited UK release through specialist importers. -CS