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Kensington launches new kind of FM transmitter for iPod

Kensington launches new kind of FM transmitter for iPod

Accessories bigshot Kensington unveiled the world's first RDS FM transmitter for the iPod. So what's different about this $89.99 piece of car gear? It transmits your iPod's song and artist info to your compatible car stereo display using the increasingly popular Radio Data System (RDS). The RDS standard (adopted in the States in 1993) allows broadcasters to use an FM subfrequency to add text and other metadata, such as song and radio station names.

According to Kensington, "RDS is now available in most vehicle models offered by leading U.S. and foreign automakers. Our research indicates that over 80 percent of all new cars being sold in the U.S. include RDS-enabled stereos. RDS is a hugely popular feature and is quickly becoming mainstream. The new Kensington RDS FM Transmitter is the first to allow iPod consumers to take advantage of this exciting car stereo technology."

The transmitter itself is in-line style, with the iPod connecting to the end of the cable via a dock connector. It includes three presets and allows station info to appear on your iPod's LCD. In addition, it's made for all iPods with dock connectors except 3G iPods. The RDS feature works with the iPod Nano or a video iPod. We'll have a review of this interesting FM transmitter shortly.