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Ken doll's new man bun has Twitter rolling

The man bun tends to evoke strong reactions -- even, as it turns out, when it sits atop a doll's head.

Mattel on Tuesday announced 15 new Ken dolls with varying skin tones and new body shapes that include "original," "slim" and "broad." The dolls come with more modern clothes and a broader range of hairstyles, including the highly controversial hipster man bun. 

Some style-conscious Twitter users don't mind the new hairdo, but others think it's definitely a hair-don't. 

Some celebrities got in on the joke:

Not all the reactions were bad:

Some saw it as a sign of the apocalypse:

I certainly don't think a Ken doll will bring about the end of the world, but one thing is sure: Now every man you see with a man bun will automatically be "Man Bun Ken."

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