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Ken Bone, no longer undecided, votes for giant gummy bear

The red-sweatered voter, ready to make America sweet again, puts his vote where his mouth is in a candy ad.

Famously undecided voter Ken Bone finally has chosen a candidate -- er, a candy-date.

Yes, the red-sweatered dude who shot to fame after his question at the second presidential debate has made a a 26-pound gummy bear.

Come on, you'd take the endorsement money too, if you were in Bone's shoes. He has also hawked car-service uberSELECT.

The ad is for, a site that sells everything from edible bubbles to candles that melt down to skeletons, but whose prize offering is a 26-pound (11.7 kilogram), 32,000-calorie gummy bear that features an integrated one-liter serving bowl. It towers over the 5-pound gummy bear that the site previously called the "World's Largest Gummy Bear."

"It seems like everything this election is disappointing," Bone says. "The candidates, the media, even the memes. But the giant gummy bear won't let you down."

Bone later takes an enormous bite out of the bear's ear, Mike Tyson-style. The Secret Service would never let you get away with that on a real candidate.