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Keeping your spices fresh

Happy Spices containers are a cute way to store your spices in airtight spaces.


Every good cook knows that the secret to making spices last longer is to store them properly. Thankfully, someone has decided to create a storage solution that lets you do just that without sacrificing your sense of style.

Designer Giovannoni Stefano has brought us the Happy Spices spice container series. The cups are airtight to preserve the freshness of the spices, and you can determine the spice inside by looking at the plastic feature on the lid. There are two cute twig-and-leaf-adorned containers that can be used for leaf, fragment, or powdered spices; a container for whole chili peppers that comes complete with a plastic pepper; a nutmeg container with whole nutmeg on top; and a pepper mill decorated with a cute flower. You can also purchase a stand that organizes the lot.

You can buy the Happy Spices series at Alessi, a company that specializes in design-oriented housewares. Each spice container is $15, and the stand can be purchased for $19. The pepper mill is a bit more expensive at $40.