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Keeping variety on top of the table with Log Bowls

Designer Doha Chebib's Log Bowls combine variety with style. Made from reclaimed trees, no two are alike.

No two are alike. Doha Chebib

I've always been a fan of thrift stores. I suppose it's a direct correlation to the fact that I absolutely hate shopping. That is, I hate shopping for specific things I need. It doesn't matter if it's clothes, electronics, furniture--or even kitchenware; shopping is a chore. I find that thrifting is a treasure hunt without that impending feeling of need hovering over my head. I could do just as well with or without that macramé owl, but when something I already own breaks, I know I have to go shop for a new one. Thrifting is fun; shopping is responsibility.

My predilection towards thrift stores guarantees that I'll never have a (completely) matched set of tableware. Almost always something good or interesting catches my eye: a serving platter, or a "set" of three vintage plates, even coffee mugs make for some entertaining purchases. While I may have gotten to the point in my life where I can match a dining table with appropriate chairs, I still prefer to have a little variety served on top of said table.

Luckily, there's a cure for those of us who find comfort in mismatched surroundings --at least when it comes to bowls. Designer Doha Chebib from the Loyal Loot Collective created Log Bowls quite possibly for people like me. The bowls are individually handmade and come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Using only locally reclaimed trees, the Log Bowls are shaped and then painted in any number of colors. To finish them off, they are sealed with a water-based gloss finish. Not only would they complement that macramé owl quite nicely, but they also happen to match my already existing "set" of tableware.

(Loyal Loot Collective via Boing Boing)