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Keeping tabs on tablets (week in review)

As the holiday buying season kicks off, tablet devices are stealing headlines and making their way to wish lists, too. Also: TSA screening saga continues.

Amid all the news of Black Friday deals, holiday sales, and Cyber Monday malware, it was the new kid on the block--the tablet--that grabbed the bulk of gadget headlines this week.

Of course, the first question for consumers is whether to give in to the hype or wait to buy a tablet. CNET's Donald Bell surveyed the current state of tablets, from the iPad to the Galaxy Tab, and ultimately finds that if you really want one, there aren't many compelling reasons to wait--no game changers on the horizon.

That said, you can expect low-priced tablets to flourish in the coming years, so steer clear of two-year carrier contracts if you want to stay nimble.

Acer, for example, unveiled this week its upcoming line of Windows and Android tablets.

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And Apple, for its part, stepped up its role on the tablet scene by releasing iOS 4.2, which brings features to the iPad that hit the iPhone and iPod Touch last summer. They make the iPad "a completely new product," according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Santa will have to be in touch with Jobs and company this year. Nielsen revealed in a study this week that Apple's tablet is the most desired product among kids between the ages of 6 and 12.

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