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Keeping safe from insiders, malware, and data leaks

Demo: Companies demo new products and services that help corporations with security issues like data leaks, malicious applications and insider threats.

SAN DIEGO--A variety of new enterprise security-related products were presented at DemoFall on Monday, including software for blocking malware and preventing data leaks and insider threats, and a desktop management service.

CoreTrace showed its new Bouncer software, which automatically creates a whitelist of applications that are deemed to be legitimate and blocks applications that aren't on the list and which could contain malware.

New applications are checked against the whitelist and are not allowed to be installed or run when they are not on the list. But it allows approved applications to be added to the whitelist.

Fortressware offers protection against data leaks. It lets companies maintain control over sensitive documents even when the files are shared with outsiders. Companies can use the software to block printing, copying and forwarding of the documents.

Paragent detailed its new Paragent MSP, a remote desktop management service for $8 per computer per year. It allows users to inventory their software and hardware, get alerts, offer a help desk function and track warranties.

Enterprise Informatics presented its new eB for SharePoint, which lets people relate information and assets across a corporation. It is designed to make it easier for corporations using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to see what data they have and create models and classify the data as well as do centralized site provisioning.

Unity Solutions demonstrated how its Lanxoma records every action of IT workers to counter insider threat at corporations. It is in beta test.

And Usable Security Systems announced software that will enable people to use one secure password to log into multiple accounts online