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Keep your own final frontier on the shelf

A 3D model of the Milky Way was created with real data and depicts 80,000 laser-rendered stars.

Living World

Ever since we were kids, amateur star-gazing gear never really worked out for us. And we suspect that the same would be true as adults today, whether the equipment costs $70 or $60,000. But maybe there's finally a logical alternative for the astronomically challenged.

Dvice says this Milky Way galaxy 3D model from design firm Living World, created from authentic space data collected by researchers at Japan's National Astronomical Observatory and Osaka University, is a depiction of 80,000 laser-rendered stars--with a price of 1 yen each, which comes to about $770. That's actually pretty reasonable considering that it usually costs at least $20 to name a star that you'll never own.