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Keep your butter spreadable

The Butter Keeper allows you to keep your butter outside of the refrigerator--and easy to spread.

I like my butter soft, ready to spread on a slice of toast or a dinner roll. If I keep the butter in my refrigerator, it's rarely ready to spread when I'm ready to eat. But I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea of leaving a stick of butter out on the counter, even if that's exactly what my great-grandmother did all of her days. The Butter Keeper offers a compromise: it's made up of two separate glass pieces. The first is a butter dish, that flips over and rests in the second, a base filled with cool water. The water-filled base not only keeps the butter easy to spread, but it also helps preserve the butter when it isn't in use. The clear glass makes it easy to see both butter and water levels and refill each as needed. The Butter Keeper may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it provides an easy way to keep your butter spreadable. While health inspectors recommend keeping butter refrigerated, it is common to leave it at room temperature instead. I might not recommend the Butter Keeper if it takes you weeks to go through one stick of butter, but if you go through butter quickly, it's a great option. The Butter Keeper is priced at $16.98.

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