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Keep your apartment from becoming a 'zombie vending machine'

Learn how to make a DIY polearm and otherwise trick out your abode so you can survive the next brain binge with this handy infographic.

With a little planning, your apartment can be as zombie-proof as the best of them. ForRent.com

You might think you'd be safe in an apartment once the zombie apocalypse starts (after all, there's just one door and you likely have height on your side). But you'd be wrong.

Because of those dastardly zombies known as "stalkers," which can climb buildings, there's a good chance you'd become just another treat for the brain eaters -- akin to a snack in a giant zombie food vending machine. Unless, of course, you follow the advice in a handy infographic put out by apartment rental site ForRent.com.

The chart provides lots of useful information on everything from what type of door you'll need to thwart zombie throngs of various sizes to the benefits of a having a good sledgehammer around (zombie smashing and escape holes to neighboring apartments). My favorite part is the section that tells you how to make a DIY mace with a frying pan and some chain, or a polearm with a shower rod and kitchen knife. Now those are important tidbits for any first-time renter to know about, apocalypse or not -- don't you think?