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Keep the olive party going with Oliver from Fred

The Fred & Friends Oliver serving bowl is shaped like an elephant. The fun dish gives guests an obvious place to drop unwanted olive pits.

Down the hatch, err, truck with Oliver from Fred & Friends.
Down the hatch, err, trunck with Oliver from Fred & Friends. Fred & Friends

Party planners, hosts with the most all know that any get together requires planning. From a few friends sitting around a table to fancy galas replete with professional catering, every party benefits from an attention to detail. Obviously, food always plays an important factor; everybody always remember the food. But there is hidden scourge that lurks beneath the surface of certain foods: pits.

Remembering that some snack foods are not 100 percent edible is key when ensuring that awkward moments are kept to a minimum. (At least food-related awkward moments, that is.) Instead of having guests look around questioningly with an olive pit or pistachio shell in hand, give them somewhere to stick it (the pits or shells, that is).

The Fred & Friends Oliver tidbit bowl ($21) is a fanciful porcelain serving dish in the shape of an elephant. The impression on the back is the serving bowl, while the upright trunk gives eaters a disposal chute for unwanted olive pits or pistachio shells. Not unimportantly, the unappetizing detritus is whisked out of sight. When the elephant is full, a rubber plug on the bottom allows for easy disposal. If only getting the guests to leave when the party was over were as easy.