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Keep the home fires burning in any room

The Firebo-x from Schulte Design is made for indoor and outdoor use.

Schulte Design

Who doesn't enjoy a nice warm fire crackling away when it's chilly outside? The primordial cave dweller hiding somewhere deep inside of all of us certainly understands the allure. As beneficial as drywall and glass windows may be to modern humans, there is one way in which our ancestors have us beat. When they needed heat for cooking and warmth, they built a fire, anywhere they damn well wanted to (noting proper ventilation first, of course).

Now, we as a modern society can finally honestly say we have equaled our ancestors by bringing the fire inside.

Similar to the portable Travelmate fireplace, the Firebo-x from German firm Schulte Design brings the fire to the table--or anywhere else you wish to put it. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the portable fireplace creates warmth without residuals. The hinged top allows for foldaway storage when not in use.

Now that we have truly finally tamed fire, our inner caveman can be unleashed out of the kitchen or away from the barbecue grill. I'm not sure about the evolutionary wisdom of cooking slabs of meat with the Firebo-x, but it is pretty certain to say, that any civilized room will feel that much more, well, civilized with a safe, clean fire burning within.

(Via Born Rich)

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