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Keep juicy roasts juicy by keeping the juice

Curtis Stone Juicy Carving Board uses a removable reservoir to collect juice for use in sauces or gravies.

Simple, but effective. Williams-Sonoma

Cutting boards are an essential item in any kitchen. There is no denying any cook needs a good place to safely cut meats and vegetables. Anybody who is doing any amount of cooking will have to be doing some cutting too. Cooking and cutting simply go hand in hand. The problem is not only finding the perfect spot to set up your prep station, but finding the perfect cutting board too. I know when I prep foods, often more than what should ends up on the floor. When it comes time to carve things that are a bit trickier, say a juicy roast, watch out; things can get messy rather quickly.

The Curtis Stone Juicy Carving Board is a solution for those in need of a proper cutting board. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive, the cutting board features a removable tray for collecting scraps or juices. Additionally, the board is tapered in such a way so as to facilitate the juice into collecting toward the tray. Made from ecologically friendly bamboo, the cutting board is elegant and useful all at the same time.

Sure, many cutting boards feature grooves or wells to handle juice collection, but having a removable option is perfect for many applications. Anybody who has ever tried to balance a roast while pouring accumulated juices back into a saucepot would have to agree. With the simple addition of a removable reservoir, cleaning up after prep becomes a little easier, simply because there is less mess to clean up.